These are a few reasons why I'd like Bernie Sanders as the president of the United States. This list is also not made for me to try to convince you to vote for him, just be open minded and choose who you believe should be the right person for this job. Go out there and vote, let your voice be heard.
  1. Income and Wealth Inequality: Bernie Sanders is trying to raise minimum wage for those who work 40+ hours a week could have a decent living. Right now some people can't make it with one job, so they need two jobs in order to pay their bills. Also it's time for females to get paid what man get paid for doing the same amount of work.
  2. College Tuition Free and Debt Free: Bernie Sanders is trying to make Community College free for anyone who wants to continue studying. There's kids that cannot continue to study because they have to work and provide for their family. Now they can do both.
  3. Climate Change: There's no other candidate that has address this issue as much as Bernie Sanders. We are the generation that has to save the planet, it's our planet. It's time to act like a team and help each other out.
  4. Racial Justice: We live in the 21st century, it's 2016. Let's end racism!
  5. Caring for our veterans: We have to take care of the people that have sacrifice a lot and have put their life's in danger to protect this country.
  6. Medicare for all: As a major country, we should all be allowed to see a doctor when needed and not have to worry if we can cover medical expenses. Medical necessity is not a luxury, it should be a human right.
  7. Reforming Wall Street: Wall Street for the last few decades have been getting richer and have been taking money from the poor. It's time for them to pay the price.
  8. Real Family Values: It's time for those immigrants that have worked hard for this country to gain some recognition. They shouldn't be running around scared of possible deportation, if they follow the rules like everyone else they should deserve a reward to stay in this country and help this country be great again.
  9. War and Peace: Violence only breeds more violence. War should be the last option to solve any issue, it's also time to stop ISIS in a strategic way there the least amount of people are put in danger.