BEST OF 2015

Aside from football, clothing, and females, I also have a passion for foundations and good people. These are the acts of 2015 that inspire me and hope they inspires you. I hope the campings, events, etc. helped lots of people, but most importantly lots of kids.
  1. I wish I knew who was the person who took these Bape tees to these kids. I ran across this picture in the Internet and it made me smile from ear to ear. Shout out to him!
  2. This was Virgil earlier this year in Paris Fashion Week giving kids that normally won't get invited to a show a chance to view his upcoming collection. The vibe in this room must have been amazing.
  3. Rage Marquez at his RM foundation, this man has giving so much to he kids in his country on and off the pitch.
  4. This is when Akon flexed and gave 600 millions of people energy. Standing ovation for this man!
  5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic's campaign helped us understand that 795 million people still suffer from hunger. There's enough money in this world to stop this issue.
  6. Adidas held an event in Los Angeles where it gave kids a platform to express themselves through art by painting on some shoes.
  7. Bernie Sanders revolutions by having young individuals spread his message and become activists. image c/o @benhundreds
  8. After retiring from football David Beckham had a very active 2015 working with UNICEF. He revealed the world and held matches in every continent to raise funds, the last show was sold out match in Manchester where all donations went to UNICEF.