I personally believe Russia and Dubai are two countries that do not deserve a World Cup. A World Cup is a world festive event that brings happiness to our world. With the political issues Russia is going through I find it unfair that they deserve to host a World Cup. Dubai as we all know bought their ticket to the World Cup and that's a big no no.
  1. I personally almost wanted to boycott the Brazil World Cup. It was unfair to the Brazilian habitants that their government spent a huge amount of money but can't spend that money on hospitals, schools, museums, etc. I won't be a part of that ever again and choose to not talk about preliminary Russia 2018 games or any related news.
  2. Going to Russia for a World Cup might not be the safest thing to do. Russia is going through a world issue that needs to get fixed before they get the right to host a World Cup.
  3. With all the corruption that goes on in FIFA we all know Dubai bought their ticket. Before anything, It's against the culture of football to have a World Cup during the winter.
  4. Many people have died of dehydration building stadiums in Dubai. The weather is ridiculous and worker's rights are being violated.
  5. FIFA in the latest years have showed us that all they care about is their financial needs and not about the people that make this sport what it is. We must act as a whole to stop this issue.
  6. Hope that the next FIFA president can't be bought and looks out after the sport and most importantly us the fans.