Wether you want to call them lookbooks, photoshoots, visuals, etc. here are my favorite. All have to do with clothing, the colors they mixed, the models, the scenery, or how everyone likes to call it the "creative directing" in the shoot. Some are for clothing drops, some are for fun, some are for magazine covers, etc. here they are.
  1. I don't recall who shot this for Emily but her style in these images are very very sporty and rich. The Mercedes, her ring, the coat, new balance, wow!
  2. Humans are also art, just saying.
  3. Celine, Fear of God LA, and Cartier at its finest.
  4. Jake Rosenberg for the coveteur shooting Kristen Gipson Crawley (Kdia) wearing one of the best if not the best bomber out there by fear of God LA and that stunning Celine bralette.
  5. Don't know who shot this or who the model is, but Virgil's Off White visuals were beyond God Level on this one. I don't know who the beautiful model is.
  6. Off White image #2
  7. Christina Paik shooting Payet Emilie in all white, goes perfect with the library background. Very legendary!
  8. image #2
  9. Stephanie Bertram Rose for Agent Provocateur, don't know who was the director behind this shoot, stylist, or photographer so I apologize. But whatever Steph is on always seems to be something special. Gorgeous woman in sexy lingerie, how can it not look good.
  10. is she not amazing...
  11. I don't keep up with the Kardashian's but this shoot was the best visuals Kim has ever done. Who ever styled her is winning.
  12. image #2
  13. My favorite brand never disappoints. APC F/W 2015 uses model Adrien Sohores shot by Collier Schorr studio. This shot couldn't have been any better, vintage phone, perfect pieces, gorgeous man.
  14. Definitely my favorite shoot of the year. Adidas killed it. Love the turtleneck with the new Tubulars. I would propose to this model in a heartbeat.
  15. image #2
  16. Fear of God LA takes no L. Very legendary shoot, this whole drop is insane. Well done Jerry Lorenzo. Kevin Ohana was the man behind the lens and the gorgeous girl is Delilah Parillo.
  17. image #2
  18. My favorite drop of this year. 424s "post apocalyptic gardening" the brown tones of this drop is insane. Shout out to the Lord Chapin Guillermo Andrade.
  19. Andrew Andrade wearing 424, that denim jacket is God level. I love the 424 (C) captain band (that's what I call it.)
  20. Charlie for Chrle releasing visuals in black and white. The beanie and the frames of the kid's glasses are amazing.
  21. image #2
  22. Kevin Ohana once again with some amazing shots. This time with the legendary Gilda Ambrosio at the Beverly Hills hotel in Los Angeles. Gilda is wearing a Fear of God LA coat.
  23. image #2
  24. Last but not least, Daladros shooting Salaina for bysstudios. what do you guys like about this shoot?
  25. image #2