90% of the people I know somehow link to the beautiful sport of football. This is a list of my starting 11 that I can call them my friends. Footballers that I would like to see them playing together. Yes! there might be better footballers, that I know of but are not my friends. I wish all these players the best, hope their dreams turn into reality.
  1. GK Jeff Salt: I had the pleasure to meet this guy my junior year at Summit High School. One of the best goalkeepers, I've ever seen. His IQ for the game is incredible, he's also an Arsenal fan. Former Cal State Fullerton starting goalie.
  2. RWB Axl Mendoza: Maybe not a position where I am used to seeing Axl playing at, but I definitely believe he can be a dangerous RWB. Very solid defender, not easy to get through and a dangerous player when he's in transition. Also has a powerful long range shot.
  3. CB Annia Mejia: Yes, Annia Mejia! Annia is a stud, she plays for UC Berkeley, had the chance to catch a game against UCLA and she's phenomenal. A stud, a real quality center back. Annia also plays for Mexico's U-20 team.
  4. CB Gabriel Silva (C) : Gabriel is pretty much the younger version of his dad Thiago Silva. Just playing he's not really his dad, but they sure do play very similar. Gabriel currently plays for Mt. Sac.
  5. LWB Aldo Diaz: A very high quality left footed winger. Superb touch with magnificent vision. A leader in the pitch. Be careful when he sends a ball behind your defense.
  6. CDM Juan Nuñez: A really hard working player, with great qualities for a defensive midfielder: Strength, stamina, speed, great standing tackle, good in the air, etc. Not afraid of doing the dirty work. Current Chaffey College player.
  7. CM Leo Nogueira: One of the best creative midfielders I have ever seen, his just so phenomenal to watch when the ball is at his feet. He makes art with the ball on his feet. Pleasure knowing this young Brazilian.
  8. CM Daniel Crisostomo: Had the pleasure of seeing this kid in the pitch and his first touch is so magical. Plays so simple with the feet and it's so magical watching him play. He currently plays for UCI.
  9. RM Kedrian Ramos: Had the pleasure to meet and coach this kid last year, an ex Chivas youth player. A threat when he has the ball at his feet, very creative, and also strong. His IQ for the game is phenomenal, I'm sure this kid can play any position with the attributes that he has. Kedrian just signed with University of Bakersfield.
  10. LM Daniel Lopez: Had to the pleasure of knowing Daniel my freshman year at Colony High School. Great stamina, speed, and a superb dribbler. A threat when he's running down the pitch, a winger that you're afraid to give him an open shot.
  11. ST Mario Villafaña: Even though I saw him playing as a CAM, CM, and has the qualities to play CDM, this kid is threat with the ball. Great quick burst of speed, wonderful dribbler, and can finish from any range. Also very good in the air. Mario has the attributes to be a perfect CF.
  12. Substitutes:
  13. GK (sub) Thiago: A very talented goalkeeper, amazing in every way shape or form. This kid has no weakness, a leader in the pitch. He's only 18. Named best goalie for U17 in Nationals. He currently plays for U18 Golden State.
  14. RWB (sub) Christian Martinez: This kid is only 9 years old and is a beast in the pitch. Magnificent speed, there's no way you're passing him. He needs to work a bit on being a threat in transition, but he has enough time. This kid will be great! Christian plays for Arsenal U-11, he's only 9.
  15. LM (sub) Ryan Reynoso: Also had the pleasure to coach this kid. Very talented player, very dangerous in short space and has a golden left foot. His bangers are something special! He's only a junior at Colony High School.
  16. CAM (sub) Efren Nuñez: This kid is only 11 years old and has an amazing vision for a through ball. A quality player with great dribbling skills. He needs to work on his speed and he will be a very, very dangerous player. Great in short space. Currently plays for Arsenal U-11
  17. CAM (sub) Santiago Beningazza: Another young quality and very high talented player. Amazing touch and vision, dangerous in short space. Great finisher, named first team in Nationals 2015. Santi currently plays for U-16 Fullerton Rangers and Ayala High School.
  18. Manager: Joel Nuñez
  19. Assistant Manager Lupe Lopez: A very talented manager former player. As a player Lupe was a great CB, amazing standing and sliding tackle. Very smart and well positioned. Great in the air, and played football very simple and enjoyable to watch. As a manager he's been a total success, manager of Bloomington High School Girl's team and Rialto Fire.
  20. I perhaps might have to buy a franchise to see this vision turn into reality. F.C. Hooligans or San Francisco F.C. hmm...