it's far beyond the clothes, more about how they carry themselves. all very unique people, always being themselves. ps I know I forgot some of you, I can always go back and edit this.
  1. Angelo Baque: The man's work behind the greatest streetwear brand explains why he's so fresh.
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  2. Barbara Martelo: .... she's amazing!
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  3. Breauna Monet: I always see a little tiny bit of a Texan modern rockstar in every outfit.
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  4. even her dog stays fresh.
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  5. David Beckham: Rocker tee and shorts, who else can pull this off?
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  6. Ian Chen: Ian from the show "fresh off the boat."
  7. Kim Matulova: Kim can be the sweetest girl ever, but can also be that street girl you don't want to f*** with. No one can wear snapbacks but her.
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  8. Mellany Sanchez: She's just so legendary. Her simplicity is far ahead that she always wins.
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  9. Girls in uniform will always win, congratulations by the way!
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  10. Michael Scofield: The genius with all the tattoos on "Prison Break"
  11. Mr. Rogers (R.I.P.)
  12. Pharrell Williams: Ahhhhhhh!
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  13. Pharrell gave so many people confidence to wear these hats.
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  14. Sara Müller: The Swiss goddess is in another level. Modern rockstar mixed with class in every outfit. Always glowing with whatever she's wearing and also with that golden brown skin tone.
  15. Always stunnin'! It doesn't matter if it's winter or summer.
  16. Theophilus London: The Trinidadian kid has always been ahead of the game when it comes to hats, boots, skinny jeans, mixing colors, just staying jiggy.
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