I had the pleasure to work with Salaina for bysstudios a while back in July 2015. After texting back and forth for about 9 months we finally found time in our busy schedule to link up.
  1. Salaina, sally, young Beyoncé, or whatever you know her as is a fun, confident, and beautiful girl. When Salaina is not busy working as a hairdresser she likes to dance, travel, and be herself.
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  2. Salaina is a big Pharrell fan, just like I am (she dislikes the fact that I call Pharrell my dad.) With that being said, I had to get her on board with some Pharrell pieces: Pharrell x adidas x i am other, Pharell x Uniqlo x i am other, Pharrell x i am other (left to right)
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  3. Salaina at the studio. What do you think her ethnicity is?
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  4. Later that same day we went to Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles to shoot. To see the rest of the images go to bysstudios.tumblr.com
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  5. A few weeks after our shoot, Salaina's picture taken at bysstudios was uploaded by none other than @i_am_other official twitter account and was used as their first ever #fanfriday image... You have no idea how happy I was.
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  6. I hope to work in another shoot with Salaina sometime soon, I wish her the best. She will always be my young Beyoncé and a very special friend.
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  7. "even though we're in autumn, there's flowers that bloom all year round."
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