Over Caffeinated Feelings About Tom Cruise

A list poem
  1. I consider Risky Business (1983) spiritually enlightening
  2. Tom Cruise is exciting in every movie because he's mildly terrifying
  3. I wish there was a single thing in my life I was as excited about as Tom Cruise is about being Tom Cruise
  4. Top Gun (1986) is a gay masterpiece and I love it dearly
  5. Tom Cruise has won a Scientology award and has a 480 million dollar net worth
  6. I've never won an award and my checking account is hovering around 200 dollars
  7. Tom Cruise once gave Zac Efron a motorcycle lesson
  8. I would pay good money for that experience
  9. Tom Cruise once said "life is a challenge" completely sincerely in an interview
  10. I will never meet Tom Cruise and he will never read this list and that is probably for the best