1. Sunrises
    Because literally they remind me of the morning and the morning time actually makes me deeply uncomfortable in my soul
  2. Compliments
    Even if I think I deserve them I don't know how to react when someone is complimenting me like do people smile or act confused or like what are you supposed to do!?
  3. Romantic Gestures
    Does nobody else actually feel like weird about this..... like really stereotypical romantic gestures are actually alienating why are you behaving like life is a movie!?
  4. Jazz
    I actually try and listen to jazz because it's supposedly genius and I really try and like it but listening to it in my spare time it always just sounds like a bunch of drunk people playing instruments in the dark
  5. What people write in birthday cards
    Because birthdays have no actual thing you're celebrating its just like "you lived for a longer amount of time" what is there to write!?