1. Plain White Oscars
  2. Dead Gorillaz
  3. Florence and the Voting Machine
    Come on Joe
  4. Get Cape. Wear Cape. Stop an Ancient Space Being from Consuming Earth by Trapping Him in a Time Loop.
  5. Destiny's Non-Gender-Specific Child
  6. Guns N' Hoses
  7. Imagine Dragons Burning Kings Landing to a Crisp
  8. Yas
  9. Consensual Sex Pistols
  10. Blink-182,000,000 Times and Then This Election Season Will Be Over
  11. Fleetwood MacBook Air
  12. Rage Against the Voting Machine
  13. Boys Like Girls But Like, Other Stuff Is Also Happening
  14. Tom Petty AF
  15. Alt-R
  16. A C/DC Is a Nice Thing to Have When There's a Zika Outbreak
    This one is reaching Joe.
  17. Barenaked Nasty Ladies
  18. We Might Still Be in the Cold War, Kids
  19. I'm Not Doing One for Fucking Ken Bone
  20. Spotifyhead