You guys. I cannot.
  1. So a little backstory. Through the work of dark and terrible forces unknown, my mom happened to see the list that @marymurphy recently published regarding the placement of our family photos on the piano in our basement.
    UMMMMMMMM Suffice to say, Mary was a little salty about her picture being punted to the far left corner like some common plebeian.
  2. Ever the purveyor of sassy wit and the proverbial "clap back," Jeannine decided to email me a response in the form of a series of deeply emotional and allegorical photographs, which I will now share with the community.
  3. *clears throat*
  4. "Reality," by Jeannine S. Murphy (2017)
  5. "Mary's Dream World," by Jeannine S. Murphy (2017)
    Interpret the inclusion of the seasonally decorated farm creature as you will.
  6. Along with these groundbreaking steps forward in the world of comparative modern art, Jeannine also included a small note for her third daughter:
  7. "Time for Mom to set the record straight here as far as the placement of the graduation pictures on the piano. The picture line up has nothing to do with favorites and everything to do with my OCD. Depending on the date of the picture AND the size of the frame, my OCD has determined where each picture has been placed in order to achieve balance
    regardless of the subject of the picture. Sorry, Mary. You were stuck behind your brother because your picture balanced the placement of the lamp on the other side of the piano. It had nothing to do with favoritism or lack there of. Everyone in the Murphy family knows, except for my favorite child, Joe, Mom treats all of her children equally. Mary, it's time for you to get REAL!"
  8. (Although some of you might be thinking I doctored that note in any way, I swear on my LIFE I copied it word for word)
  9. Well there you have it folks.
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  13. Mary's picture is in the corner to balance out a lamp.