All of the Daddy Issues on LOST, Ranked

Bless this show and it's glorious lack of strong parental role models. Spoilers.
  1. 15.
    Penny's daddy issues
    Her dad is an evil billionaire that she is estranged from, but she doesn't let that get her down. They never even share a scene together. Go Penny.
  2. 14.
    Juliet's daddy issues
    Her parents got divorced when she was a kid and it put the idea in her head that love is a lie and people are just meant to end up alone, but this is more of a parental issue thing than a daddy issue thing.
  3. 13.
    Jin's daddy issues
    I'm sure Jin and his dad have a loving relationship, it's just that Jin pretends his dad is dead rather than admit to his employers that he comes from a family of fishermen. Just be yourself Jin.
  4. 12.
    Shannon's daddy issues
    Her dad died, which caused most of her issues. End of story.
  5. 11.
    Miles's daddy issues
    Miles believes his dad abandoned his family when he was a baby, but the truth is his dad just made his family leave the island they were staying on so that they wouldn't get killed in a nuclear explosion. Simple mix up! The only problem is his dad stayed behind on the island and they never saw him again. Until Miles travelled back in time and got the chance to bond with his dad and also mayyybe hold himself as a baby. I don't remember. But yay Miles!
  6. 10.
    Aaron's daddy issues
    Oh yeah, you're telling me Aaron's NOT gonna have hella daddy issues when he grows up?
  7. 9.
    Sun's daddy issues
    Her dad is the head of a massive company and basically blackmails her husband into being his enforcer. The daddy issues are strong with this one. But then Sun spends a few months on a certain island and unfortunately misplaces the box that contains all the shits she gives about her father's opinion of her. Go Sun.
  8. 8.
    Hurley's daddy issues
    Hurley's dad was not around when he was a kid, and Hurley uses food to make up for that fact. They manage to kinda form a better relationship later on, but like, come on. Fuck Hurley's dad.
  9. 7.
    Claire's daddy issues
    Is it possible to not have daddy issues once you find out that you and your mom are your American dad's secret Australian family? Sidenote - remember in the third season when everyone all of the sudden had bangs and Kate decided to rock the headband? What a great show.
  10. 6.
    Alex's daddy issues
    Her dad is not her dad. Her dad stole her from her mom when she was a baby. Her dad brainwashed her boyfriend. Her dad chooses the island over her. She hates him. And yet deep down she still kinda loves him. Go to your room Alex.
  11. 5.
    Jack's daddy issues
    Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack. I love you man, but what are we gonna do with you? Jack and his dad have the CLASSIC daddy issue relationship, in which Jack's dad secretly loves him and is proud of him but never tells him, and as a result, our hero has a constant need to be the leader and savior of any situation, but never feels as if anything he does is good enough. Thank God for father/son bonding moments in the afterlife.
  12. 4.
    Sawyer's daddy issues
    Sawyer's dad killed his mom in a murder suicide. While kid Sawyer was hiding under the bed. Developing issues.
  13. 3.
    Ben's daddy issues
    Ben's dad blamed him for his mom dying in childbirth. He also brought him to live on a haunted island, where he became an abusive alcoholic. They're doing really great you guys.
  14. 2.
    Kate's daddy issues
    Kate killed her dad.
  15. 1.
    Locke's daddy issues
    Locke's daddy issues. How do I even begin to describe Locke's daddy issues. Locke's dad abandoned him before he was born, leaving him to grow up in a crappy foster care system. He then showed up decades later to form a relationship with his son. SIKE. He cons Locke out of a kidney then disappears. Only to show up a few years later to push Locke out of a fifth story window, paralyzing him from the waste down and confining him to a wheelchair. A wheelchair made of ISSUES.