All of the Pixar Movies, Brutally Ranked Without Much Thought Because I'm in the Mood to *Fight*

  1. 18.
    The Good Dinosaur
    Fuck The Good Dinosaur.
  2. 17.
    Cars 2
    Haven't even seen it, heard it's not great.
  3. 16.
    Monsters University
    Why tho. Who asked for this.
  4. 15.
    Finding Dory
    Baby Dory is the only great thing about this movie, everything else feels lazy.
  5. 14.
    This story is so weird you guys. It's a weird story. And the title is kinda random.
  6. 13.
    A Bug's Life
    Nothing particularly ~wrong~ with this one, nothing particularly ~right~ either.
  7. 12.
    Inside Out
    Bing Bong was creepy. Wake up America.
  8. 11.
    Monsters Inc.
  9. 10.
    I actually really liked Cars the first time I watched it. I get that it's kinda meh, but I really liked it the first time I watched it. So.
  10. 9.
    Simple, but also a little weird.
  11. 8.
    The first 10 minutes are amazing blah blah blah you get it I'M FEELING CONFRONTATIONAL
  12. 7.
    Kung Fu Panda
    Hey. Look into my eyes and see if I care that this isn't a Pixar movie.
  13. 6.
    Toy Story
    Groundbreaking animation. Probably. Idk.
  14. 5.
    Toy Story 3
    I'm tired of living in the shadows on this one. This is a great movie, but the ending goodbye scene was nowhere near as emotional as the furnace scene.
  15. 4.
    So underrated. Weird in a completely comfortable way.
  16. 3.
    Finding Nemo
    A classic. Beautiful.
  17. 2.
    The Incredibles
    My favorite Pixar characters.
  18. 1.
    Toy Story 2
    Does an amazing job of introducing new characters and storylines without feeling like a repeat of the first one. One of the best sequels ever. Sarah McLachlan.