1. Eat my mom's pancakes on Saturday
    My mahhhhhm makes the best pancakes in the universe
  2. See movies by myself
    Oh man it's so anti-social but it's soooo good
  3. See movies with other people
    Sometimes you want a whisper buddy tho
  4. See movies in general
    Love me some fillllllms
  5. Marathon LOST
    Preferably with unsuspecting family members
  6. Read @marymurphy 's epic short story about what would happen if she and Nick Jonas were ever kidnapped by aliens
    Spoiler alert: Beyonce makes an appearance
  7. Sleep
    A given
  8. Skydive
    I've never done this but I feel like I would own it
  9. Spell out really long words with my finger on the wall in the shower like I'm in the national spelling bee
    No comment
  10. Eat literally an entire box of Kraft mac and cheese
    Velveeta is Satan
  11. Eat reheated pizza
    The best kind of pizza
  12. Drink an entire bottle of wine and not get sick
    This never happens