*Only the ones I have seen. This is obviously the most biased thing you're ever gonna read, because I have a bad memory and the movie tastes of a nerdy 12-year-old girl. But since it's Oscar season...
  1. 19.
    This movie was just not that good, right? I personally don't have much opinion of it, but I feel like the general consensus is that this movie is one of the worst winners.
  2. 18.
    No Country for Old Men
    I just don't get the hype on this one. Javier Bardem was great tho.
  3. 17.
    The Hurt Locker
    I saw this one once and I don't remember anything about it. Good for Kathryn Bigelow tho.
  4. 16.
    The Silence of the Lambs
    This movie has some amazing performances, and both of the leading actors deserved the Oscars they got. Did the movie as a whole deserve Best Picture? Idfk.
  5. 15.
    The Departed
    This movie is about moles! Mark Wahlberg is crazy! Matt Damon!
  6. 14.
    Hey, the whole single take thing was cool, and the performances were great. I'm just a sucker for cheap thrills and epic journeys, and this one is more of a thinker.
  7. 13.
    I saw this movie once in music appreciation class. It was pretty good. Catherine Zeta Jones was pregnant the entire time, so like, go Catherine.
  8. 12.
    So long. Great music. Great ending. Pretty wildly inaccurate, historically speaking. But yeah, great music.
  9. 11.
    12 Years a Slave
    This one I saw in theaters, so that was obviously a pretty harrowing experience. This one probably has the best performances out of any on this list.
  10. 10.
    American Beauty
    Oh man this one's crazy. Kevin Spacey at his best. Annette Benning at her best? Thora Birch. What a crazy family.
  11. 9.
    The Sound of Music
    Not my favorite, but an undeniable classic.
  12. 8.
    Forrest Gump
    Oh I love me a good epic that spans decades. A little unbelievable and crazy sugar coated, but that's probably the point.
  13. 7.
    Joaquin Phoenix was Joffrey Baratheon before Joffrey Baratheon was Joffrey Baratheon.
  14. 6.
    A Beautiful Mind
    The early 2000s were just a great time to be Russell Crowe.
  15. 5.
    I was surprised by this movie, because I'm not the biggest Ben Affleck fan, but the movie is so much larger than just him. Everyone in this movie is acting at their very best, the cast is perfect, and it's just a great time.
  16. 4.
    The King's Speech
    Oh this movie is lovely, just lovely. What a wholesome uplifter.
  17. 3.
    This movie is like the pyramids, in that I'm pretty sure aliens helped them make it. It is literally titanic. Like have you guys even waaaatched this movie recently? It holds up. And despite any wooden-door-buoyancy-fueled reservations you may have, you can't deny that this movie is iconic. It's definitely the most famous one on this list, and it's also more that just a sappy love story. It's a straight up thrill ride. James Cameron must really love camping. Because this movie is in tents.
  18. 2.
    Slumdog Millionaire
    Oh man I love this movie. I love the cast, I love the music, and I love the way the story is told. It's like an Indian Forrest Gump. Even though sooooo many horrible things happen in this movie, this is what I think of when I think of a feel good film.
  19. 1.
    The Return of the King
    Hey. I know what you're thinking. Joe likes dragons too much. But check yourself before you wreck yourself essay. This may not be the absolute 100% best work of art on this list, but the sheer momentum of The Lord of the Rings as a series is just incredible, and all the effort and detail that went into making it really comes to a head in the final film. These guys took a series about elves and wizards and turned it into the only Fantasy Best Picture winner to date. And the music is killer.