Trying to stay ahead of the game here. Ages may need to be adjusted. My real life family is basically split between really white people and really tan people.
  1. Jake Johnson
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  2. "We Bought a Zoo" era Matt Damon
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    My dad
  3. Sally Field
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    My mahm
  4. Jake Gyllenhaal
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    My oldest brother
  5. "Far and Away" era Nicole Kidman
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    My oldest sister @aliaegan
  6. Rita Ora
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    My second oldest sister @katiemurphy
  7. "True Detective" era Matthew Mcconaughey
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    My second oldest brother
  8. Olivia Cooke
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    My lil sister @marymurphy
  9. Kendall Jenner
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    My lil'est sister
  10. This dog
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    My dog Buddy
  11. Simon the psycho cat from "American Dad"
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    My sister's effing cat
  12. The lion from "Jumanji"
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    My old cat Leo
  13. The "Bad Blood" music video cast
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    My extended family of cousins. They're all ridiculously good looking and model-y, it's weird.
  14. Sir Ian McKellen
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    My granddad
  15. Meryl Streep
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  16. The girl from "Pretty Little Liars"
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    Herself. The only big celebrity I have ever seen in real life. This will be a huge plot point in the movie.
  17. The crowd from "Gladiator"
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    The crowd of people that I fell down a fence in front of when I tried to chase a ball during a high school soccer game
  18. Buckbeak
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    That freaking black swan that attacked me when I was a child when ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS PET IT AND FEED IT BREAD CRUMBS