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  1. Why I'm Really Good at 80s Trivia
  2. The Bitchy Kindergarten Years
  3. Don't Tell Mom Sam Got Bit in the Ass by a Dog: Childhood Years in Atlanta
  4. Sharin' Rooms and Hatin' 'Shrooms
  5. Mom, We've Seen "The Patriot"
  6. I'm the Reason Sam Accidentally Rode His Bike into the Lake
  7. I Didn't Really Understand How Moving Works
  8. Walmart, Dido, and A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Early North Georgia Years
  9. We Were Homeschooled. No, Not Like That.
  10. The Best Dog in the Whole Wide World Was Named Buddy
  11. How to Clean a Fish Tank with a Toothbrush
  12. The 911 Scandal: We May Never Know
  13. I Don't Break Bones. I Don't Get Stitches. I Get Sick.
  14. One Day, You Will Be Cool. But Not Today.
  15. The Boy Who Got Left at Chick-fil-a
  16. Most Likely to Passively Tell You He Got "Most Likely to Succeed"
  17. I Don't Know How to Enjoy Concerts: The College Years
  18. 4 8 15 16 23 42
  19. The Best Car Crash Ever
  20. 24 Hours in New York City
  21. The Surprising Revelation That I Am an Above-Average Ham Salesman
  22. Selling Toilets and Other Adult Things