Connect "The Italian Job" To "Fantastic Mr. Fox"

@marymurphy You think you can trip me up with the animated movie well THINK AGAIN PAL.
  1. The Italian Job had Donald Sutherland
  2. Donald Sutherland is in Ordinary People with the kid that won an Oscar
  3. The kid that won an Oscar is in American Crime with Regina King
  4. Regina King is in Daddy Daycare with Anjelica Huston
  5. Anjelica Huston is in 50/50 with Joseph Gordon Levitt
  6. Joseph Gordon Levitt is in Angels in the Outfield with Danny Glover
  7. Danny Glover is in Lethal Weapon with Mel Gibson
  8. Mel Gibson is in The Patriot with this kid
  9. That kid is in A Wrinkle in Time with this kid
  10. That kid is in Drillbit Taylor with Owen Wilson
  11. Owen Wilson is in Fantastic Mr. Fox
  12. Boom
  13. We took the scenic route on that one.