Inspired by a lotta y'all
  1. Reading:
    Ready Player One. It's more grown up than I thought it would be. Kewl.
  2. Watching:
    Luther. I finally got caught up. And Alice is still the best friend/sociopathic murderer a guy could have. Also Idris Elba is and should be in everything.
  3. Listening to:
    Cheap Trick Spotify radio
  4. Eating:
    The PB&J's I brought for lunch today but didn't eat because I was offered the chance to get Panda Express and pouuuuuunced on it.
  5. Drinking:
    Water because I'm literally a pure angel from The OA and I'm better than you.
  6. Looking forward to:
    The 24-hour city-wide scavenger hunt I signed up for with some work buds this Friday. I don't think they QUITE know just yet how competitive I am. But they gon learn.