1. Harry saying he doesn't give a damn what Malfoy's father thinks
    The point in the series where the Harry angst was jusssssst reaching a boiling point.
  2. Ron saying "bloody hell" like once per chapter
    Classic Ron.
  3. Ron asking Lavender if he can look at Uranus
    Classic Ron.
  4. Ginny saying "damn" in the library that one time she and Harry were eating the chocolate egg
    A very small part of the 4th book, but a turning point from Victim Ginny to Badass Ginny in my mind
  5. The U-No-Poo constipation poster
    Took me soooo long to figure out this one.
  6. Aunt Marge kinda calling Harry's mom a bitch
    To be fair she WAS talking about dogs at the time.
  7. Uncle Vernon saying "effing owls"
    Um, damn Rowling. This is YA literature.
  8. Malfoy calling Hermione a Mudblood
    Doesn't technically count, but in the wizarding world, it falls somewhere between the B word and the C word, so it ranks.
  9. Hermione calling Ron an arse
    Well deserved.
  10. Please, you already know what #1 is.