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  1. The Lord of the Rings is epic magic.
  2. It started out as a book written by the father of all fantasy nerds, J. R. R. Tolkien.
    Look at his nerd face.
  3. The book was only written as a way for Tolkien to expand upon the mythological language and universe that he had previously created, but it became so big that it had to be broken up into three separate volumes.
  4. Skip forward about 60 years.
  5. After a series of semi-successful cartoon adaptations throughout the 20th century, LOTR finally gets its big screen debut via the work of this man, Peter Jackson.
    Along with his team of highly skilled filmmakers, practical effect specialists, special effect specialists, musicians, actors, makeup artists, concept artists, set designers, location scouts, stuntmen, chain mail experts, etc. Your usual lineup.
  6. And what they create is a thing of beauty.
  7. Christmas 2001. The Fellowship of the Ring hits theaters worldwide and basically does to the fantasy genre what Harry Potter did to bookstores.
  8. Everyone, even fans of the book series, are blown away by the level of detail put into every scene, the acting strength of the entire cast, the emotional appeal of the screenplay, and the relatable themes that are present even in this world where dragons and elves exist.
  9. We begin with an epic battle of good versus evil. Evil kinda has the upper hand because Bad Guy Numero Uno, Sauron, has this ring of power that basically makes him indestructible.
  10. Sauron loses the ring and is defeated, but his spirit lives on THROUGH the ring.
  11. It proceeds to ensnare the minds of weak men, grant them an assorted grab bag of powers, and then pretty much destroy their lives, all while constantly trying to get back to Mordor, Sauron's homeland, where it can reunite with his body, resurrect him, bring about the end of the world, etc.
  12. Thousands of years pass, and through a series of events, this lil guy gets ahold of the ring. Say hi to Frodo.
  13. I will spare you the next 7 hours of details, but basically Frodo learns that the ring is evil, and the only way to destroy it is to throw it into this volcano on the other side of the world. The volcano is in Mordor. It's Sauron's volcano. You see the problem here.
  14. These people want to help Frodo.
  15. These people want to stop Frodo.
  16. Also these guys.
  17. And kinda this guy.
  18. And sorta this guy.
  19. Frodo and the gang embark on an epic quest that ultimately leads them into the heart of an epic conflict between several warring nations and species that will decide the fate of mankind.
  20. The Two Towers is released in 2002, The Return of the King in 2003.
  21. The summary I've given so far covers probably about 3% of the entire series.
  22. Because Frodo is barely even the main character.
  23. The actual series covers several interlocking storylines that deal with everything from romance to betrayal to murder to father-son issues to wartime alliance treaties to split personality disorders to addiction to seeing how many times Frodo can be horribly injured and still survive.
  24. And apart from the story itself, the movies are just fantastically well made.
  25. They won 17 Academy Awards in all, including Best Visual Effects for three years in a row and Best Picture for Return of the King, and have grossed almost 3 billion dollars worldwide.
  26. They could be released in theaters today and still be a major hit. That's how well the visuals hold up.
  27. Overall, it's just an epic undertaking for both the characters in the films and the people who made the films, and there's no way I can do it justice on this app.
  28. Go watch it ya fewl.