1. The Office - The Michael Scott Paper Company
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    @bjnovak do you ever miss your blonde days?
  2. Parks and Rec - Leslie's city council campaign
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    This is actually an entire season, and every second is amazing. GET ON YOURRR FEET.
  3. Parenthood - the cancer storyline
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  4. Game of Thrones - Tyrion on trial
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    That speech. That trial by combat. SHAE YOU BASTARD I HATE YOU.
  5. The Last Airbender - Zuko betrays everyone and joins up with his sister for a few episodes
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    Zuko was a real dick for turning on Katara like that but at least this story arc gave us THE fire nation beach party episode
  6. Lost - the 1970s timeline
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    Juliet and Sawyer. Miles and his dad. The bomb. Some of the best parts of the series.
  7. The Walking Dead - the prison
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    You had a nearly impenetrable fortress during a zombie apocalypse. How did you fuck this up so badly.
  8. House - House hallucinates Amber
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    These episodes were tense and Greg reeeeally needed to get his shit together but also 🙏
  9. Veep - Selina's haircut
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    "It's the worst use of scissors since my failed vasectomy"
  10. Teen Wolf - evil Stiles
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    Because duh.
  11. SNL - Stefon
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    "New York's hottest club is Your Mother and I Are Separating"
  12. Broad City- Bingo Bronson
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    "I GOT YOU BINGO BRONSON!" The greatest drug trip in tv history
    Suggested by @minabird
  13. The Shield - Captain Monica Rawling
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    Glenn Close joined the show for one season, and it was amazing
    Suggested by @DavidSeger
  14. West Wing - CJ and Agent Donovan
    Beautifully written and acted. Those entire episodes were amazing.
    Suggested by @jillbasinger
  15. Fargo season 1 - Lorne Malvo's undercover stint as a dentist
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    Suggested by @lizabeth
  16. Seinfeld- Elaine and Puddy
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    This dynamic on-again-off-again relationship is brilliantly played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Patrick Warburton. Pure hilarious genius.
    Suggested by @mlh
  17. 30 Rock - Avery is kidnapped by North Korea
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    There are so many incredible subplots and story arcs on 30 Rock.
    Suggested by @lizabeth
  18. Anyang on Arrested Development.
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    Best subtle sub-sub-plot award
    Suggested by @femme_feminist
  19. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Spike Loves Buffy
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    What did we get from this unrequited (mostly) arc? Loads of laughs, the BuffyBot, a rock song ("Rest in Peace"), hot hot "hate-kissing", and, ultimately, a tragic redeeming (and romantic) sacrifice.
    Suggested by @cordeliane
  20. Empire - Jamal's "daughter" Lola who Raven Symone claimed was his
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    Jamal singing In the Jungle to her killed me
    Suggested by @taylorm
  21. Friday Night Lights- the Riggins brothers (and Jason Street) flip a house
    This inexplicably went okay. I'm still baffled that nothing disastrous happened.
    Suggested by @hkath