1. 27.
    Whatever was going on in Battleship
    Can't remember
  2. 26.
    Whatever was going on in Eragon
    Can't quiiiiite remember
  3. 25.
    Battle of Zion
  4. 24.
    Battle of Endor
    It's cool because it's Star Wars, but it's also hard to take seriously
  5. 23.
    Battle of the Five Armies
    The last nail in the does-the-hobbit-trilogy-use-too-much-CGI coffin
  6. 22.
    Battle of Blackwater
    Was I the only one kinda underwhelmed by how this one played out? That explosion tho.
  7. 21.
    The X-Men vs Magneto's army
    Jean kinda ruins this one by killing everyone
  8. 20.
    Narnia Battle from Prince Caspian
    Some cool but not quite memorable elements at work here. Remember how they like came up out of the ground on horses and then the trees started killing everyone?
  9. 19.
    Battle in the Department of Mysteries
    Better in the book than in the movie, but still some pretty solid wizard dueling going on here
  10. 18.
    The 75th Hunger Games
    Pretty cool concept. The whole wheel thing was kinda confusing. Great ending.
  11. 17.
    The Anchorman 2 Fight
    "That is the ACTUAL ghost of Stonewall Jackson!"
  12. 16.
    Avengers vs Ultron
    I livvvvve for that one long cut of them all fighting
  13. 15.
    The Zoolander Walk-Off
    "You should listen to your friend Billy Zane."
  14. 14.
    Battle of the Black Gate
    This is a fantastic battle, and the only reason it's not higher is because this whole scene wasn't reeeeeally about the battle. Bc Frodo/Sam bromance.
  15. 13.
    The drum battle from Drumline
    Classic beatz
  16. 12.
    Battle of Castle Black
    They pulled this one off better than I expected, but also booooo an entire episode at the wall and booooo that treacherous skank Olly. Also Ygritte :(
  17. 11.
    The 74th Hunger Games
    A classic
  18. 10.
    The Riff-Off from Pitch Perfect 2
    "Are you saying you're a better lyricist that Sir Mix-A-Lot? The man who was knighted by Queen?"
  19. 9.
    Battle of Moria
    Frodo almost dies for the hundredth time, and the conclusion is pretty epic
  20. 8.
    Battle of Hogwarts
    Book version makes more sense, movie version is pretttttyyyyy
  21. 7.
    Avengers vs Loki and the Chitauri
    Such a solid battle in such a solid movie
  22. 6.
    The Black Pearl vs The Flying Dutchman
  23. 5.
    The Anchorman Fight
    "Brick killed a guy."
  24. 4.
    Narnia Battle from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
    Peter taking point. Tilda giving 100%. Edmund redeeming himself. Susan and Lucy saving the day. A rhinoceros. This battle has it all.
  25. 3.
    Battle of the Bastards
  26. 2.
    Battle of Helms Deep
    Oh man this is almost the most epic action sequence ever put to screen. Legolas on the shield, Aragorn tossing Gimli, Gandalf charging down the hill. The rain. So many iconic moments. A battle this epic could only really be topped by...
  27. 1.
    Battle of Minas Tirith
    Forget about it.