1. Kevin from Up
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    The reason she didn't talk is because she was stoned out of her damn mind the whole time
  2. Fawkes from Harry Potter
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    Never actually smoked weed on purpose, just got a tonnnn of second-hand action from Dumbledore's and Professor Sprout's "chill time"
  3. The Twitter bird
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    Those are not the eyes of a not high bird
  4. The eagles from Lord of the Rings
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    This is the real reason they didn't show up for most of the series
  5. The birds from Cinderella
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    In fact, all of the animals in Cinderella were probably baked like the entire time
  6. The seagulls from Finding Nemo
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    Constantly hungry? Please.
  7. Scuttle from The Little Mermaid
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    He was on something
  8. The owl from The Secret of NIMH
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    Those aren't spider webs