1. Ravenclaw House
    It is not even a joke how much of a 1000% Ravenclaw I am. #claws4lyfe
  2. The Order of the Phoenix
    I'd be one of the good Ravenclaws tho. Not one of the snooty-kinda-Slytherin-y ones.
  3. Dumbledore's Army
    Oh and I am alllllll about fighting the power and learning some sick magic.
  4. V. F.D.
    I'd like to think I'd be on the fire PREVENTION side of things, but hey, if all of my worst enemies are in the same hotel at the same time, who knows what will happen.
  5. The Airbending Nation
    100%. I'm not evil enough to be a firebender, I'm not sociopathic enough to be an earthbender, and I'm not boring enough to be a waterbender. Vwoosh.
  6. The Order of the White Lotus
    But I'm also all for #equalityofthe4nations
  7. The Party Planning Committee
    I'd get kicked off after a week tho due to lack of interest and/or gossip to contribute.
  8. House Martell
    Literally for the sole reason that it's warm in the south and people don't seem to be killed EVERY day there.
  9. The Fellowship of the Ring obviously, but then I would get captured with Merry and Pippin after the split
    I would spend the rest of the series lost in Fangorn Forest BUT I would be alive so 🙏
  10. The otters from Redwall
    I'm lying I'd definitely be a damn hedgehog.
  11. The Tail Section Survivors
    Because OF COURSE I was on the porcelain throne when the plane went down.
  12. The Inception Team
    My sole purpose would be to make sure everyone has snacks and stays hydrated.
  13. That group of women terrorists from the new Sherlock episode set in the 1800s
  14. The Breakfast Club
    Ugh who am I kidding