@MTV oh I got you boo
  1. Lydia
    She's honestly the Hermione of the group except she's more sarcastic and she has banshee powers, which, I mean, hell yeth. I will follow her beautiful brain and her spot-on eye rolls to the end of the earth and beyond.
  2. Stiles
    I mean how could I not? Stiles is the beating heart of the show, his emotional moments with his dad have added five years on to my life, and he is always the first one to point out how absolutely batshit insane the Teen Wolf universe really is. 10/10.
  3. Malia
    I'm gonna be 100% real with you. I did not care for Malia at first, I thought her backstory was stupid and confusing, and she kinda messed with the Lydia/Stiles dynamic I shipped since day 1. But damn if this girl has not grown on me. She punches first and asks questions later, and she literally does not understand why everyone else is such a pussy like all the time. She's solid. And her one liners are hilarious.
  4. Jackson
    Jackson's ridiculously over-the-top problems and attitude were my favorite parts of the first two seasons. Lol he was the lizard the whole time DO YOU REMEMBER YOU GUYS.
  5. Whoever runs the construction crew that rebuilds both the school and the hospital after they are pulverized by supernatural forces every other episode.
    The most important character in modern fiction.