Requested by Bri

Funniest Women In My Life and Why They're So Funny

Spoiler alert: Nobody from is on this list. That doesn't mean you ladies aren't funny, it means the list would be too long and detailed and I'm lazy and y'all can just assume that everyone would be on here anyway. **most of these women aren't actually in my life**
  1. My mom
    Jeannine is a damn sarcastic treasure who sometimes does voices and waltzes with @marymurphy in the kitchen after dinner and smacks @marymurphy in the back of the head whenever @marymurphy flips the bird at people in public which happens a lot you guys.
  2. Madeline Kahn
    Comedy genius
  3. Carol Burnett
    Comedy genius
  4. Kate McKinnon
    Ain't afraid to go for it
  5. Aidy Bryant in Girlfriends Talk Show
    Nuff said
  6. Julia Louis-Dreyfus
    I've never laughed harder at a comedic performance than Julia Louis-Dreyfus playing the Vice President of America.
  7. My cousin-in-law
    One time we had a long conversation about cocaine while she was nursing her baby. She is gold.