Game of Thrones Couples, Ranked

Some of them are romantic. Some of them are forced. And some of them are just gross. ⛵️ = it hasn't happened yet on the show but I ship it hard. Ranked from suck to great.
  1. Sansa and Ramsay
    Let's just get this one out of the way cuz it's the fucking worst.
  2. Sansa and Joffrey
    Only a tiny bit less worse because there was better food and more parental figures.
  3. Tywin and Shae
    Fuck this noise.
  4. Petyr and Lysa
    Gross but like they deserve each other so it's fitting?
  5. Sansa and Petyr
    Even grosser but didn't end in murder. Yet.
  6. Cersei and Lancel
    The only good thing that came out of this one is that it swung around and kicked Cersei in the ass several years later.
  7. Stannis and Selyse
    You just know they sleep in separate beds.
  8. Dany and Hizdahr
    Lol stop wasting my time.
  9. Melisandre and Gendry
    One night stands that end in leeches don't rank high on this list.
  10. Ramsay and Myranda
    Gross and awful but like I weirdly respect their mixture of sexual confidence and complete apathy to their fellow human beings? I don't know.
  11. Margaery and Joffrey
    At least she knew how to handle bitch boy.
  12. Sansa and Loras
    Lol remember when this was a thing? The picture says it all.
  13. Catelyn and Ned
    Like, I guesssss it's true love, but man it is THE most vanilla true love in the seven kingdoms. Always here for my girl Cat tho. Except when I'm not.
  14. ⛵️Lady Olenna and the High Sparrow⛵️
    I just wanna see them have an old person fight and then talk about all the pills they have to take in order to shit because being old sucks.
  15. Cersei and Robert
    Deffffffinitely should not have been married, but I feel like they had a weird respect for each other? Like, they were shit, but they KNEW they were shit, and they were shit TOGETHER.
  16. Stannis and Melisandre
    Annoying and unhealthy, but like kinda unpredictable in an exciting way.
  17. ⛵️Arya and Gendry⛵️
    Honestly they're gonna need to go on a few chaperoned dates before I'm ready to say if I want this to go anywhere. But like I support it.
  18. Jaime and Cersei
    Ohhhhhhh the problem children. How many thousands of people had to die because you two couldn't keep it in your pants for one single day on vacation. But damned if I don't root for you sometimes and then feel weird about it immediately afterward.
  19. Margaery and Renly
    Sweet and progressive yet ultimately boring?
  20. Sam and Gilly
    Ok I gettttttt it but I'm also really glad they've only been in two episodes this season.
  21. ⛵️Sansa and Podrick⛵️
    This is more a @marymurphy thing. I guess I see it.
  22. Loras and Renly
    They seemed to care about each other a lot but neither really got enough screen time.
  23. Margaery and Tommen
    It's honestly the best that both can hope for at this point.
  24. Robb and Talisa
    So hot. So stupid.
  25. Sansa and Tyrion
    Became more of a bromance formed on mutual respect and I was here for it.
  26. Dany and Daario
    Let's be honest, this is an extended booty call.
  27. ⛵️Brienne and Podrick⛵️
    Honestly I'm down if they are.
  28. Jon and Ygritte
    Doomed from the start. Shoulda stayed in that cave.
  29. Dany and Drogo
    Was strong and sweet at the end but I do notttt feel comfortable putting them any higher because this did notttttt start out healthy.
  30. Oberyn and Ellaria
  31. ⛵️Brienne and Jaime⛵️
    Who doesn't ship this at this point? I'd be totally fine with them just remaining friends though.
  32. ⛵️Melisandre and Davos⛵️
    If they're not gonna kill each other then they damn well better start making out.
  33. Tyrion and Shae
    They were #bae while they lasted. Makes me wanna listen to an emo song.
  34. ⛵️Podrick and Margaery⛵️
    Hey. Just think about it for 5 seconds. Yeah that's what I thought.
  35. ⛵️Brienne and Tormund⛵️
    Oh man if they pull this off this could have the makings of greatness.
  36. Grey Worm and Missandei
    I want them to get out while they still can and hold hands and take long walks and pick flowers for 80 years.
  37. And none for Jorah Mormont bye.