Game of Thrones Teams I Am Currently On (S6 E6)

SOMETHING had better happen tonight because last week was LAAAAAAAME. TL;DR - Starks on top, Kings Landing can GTFO.
  1. 60% Team Sansa
    Still hanging with the right people, still making good choices, but her approval ratings have gone down a tiny bit because she sent Brienne on a mission when Podrick would have done FINE and I do NOT feel COMFORTABLE separating Brienne and Sansa during this time of CRISIS.
  2. 10% Team Rickon
    You guys they haven't shown him since he was captured and I fear the worst. Let us pray for this child.
  3. 10% Team Arya
    Child what are you DOING with your LIFE? I shall say a prayer to the Mother for you as well due to the history we share, but I do NOT approve of your FLAKINESS.
  4. 10% Team Tyrion
    Remember this guy? He exists. Does anyone else think that Tyrion has kinda been wasted this season? Like not in the drunk way, in the what-has-he-even-contributed-to-season-6 way. But maybe also in a drunk way. And I getttttt that he's doin the whole slave thing, but let's spice it up. Hopefully my vouching for him will get him (and Varys) back in the game in a real way. Because @HBO definitely takes these lists into consideration when mapping out the storylines for each season.
  5. 2.5% Team Torienne
    Fuck Jaime, I ship this hard.
  6. 2.5% Team Melisandre
    I've said it before, girl's gonna need all the help she can get once Davos figures out what she done did.
  7. 2.5% Team Davos
    Mel's been on a redemption path this season, but we all know who's side I'm taking when the swords and/or blood magic come out.
  8. 2.4% Team Ghost
    Just run away and start a family and grow old while you still can you big beautiful bastard. They comin for you.
  9. 0.1% Team Greyjoy
    I swear to the old gods and the new if those ships aren't going straight to Dany I will shit a brick.