Game of Thrones Teams I Am Currently On (S6 E9)

It's been a crazy ride you guys. Season 6 was in no way perfect, but it had more than a few perfect moments. Storylines merged, and characters who I never thought I'd see on the same screen plotted to take over the world together. It's insane how much this show has grown in 6 years, and the end is definitely in sight. Scary/sad. But for now, I am:
  1. 80% Team Sansa
    Love her or hate her, Sansa Stark owned Game of Thrones season 6 more than any other character on the show. It's kinda crazy how she went from an alright character to one of my top 5 favorites this season. Some people say she slipped up a bit and focused a little too much on vengeance this season and now she's created trust issues with everyone, but I say she saved everyone's asses during the battle and then took what was her's afterward. @HBO please don't kill her in the last episode.
  2. 10% Team Dany/Yara
    You know Dany's considering it.
  3. 5% Team Jon
    Honestly he did not have the best plan going into the battle and he would have been fucked without Sansa, but you gotta give it to him. Jon's been through some shit. And him galloping like hell to save Rickon gave me allllll the feels.
  4. 1% Team Cersei
    If her going crazy and burning Kings Landing to the ground means an end to this never ending hell of a religious takeover storyline, I'm all for it. Do what you gotta do girl.
  5. 1% Team Margaery
    Honestly I feel like she's either about to fuck evvvvvveryone up, or get killed, and I just need her to know I've always been on her side before it's too late.
  6. 1% Team Bran
    Don't fuck this up Brandon. Give the people what they want.
  7. 1% Team Davos
    It looks like we're gonna have to pick sides after all. Mel's been alright this season, but I pledged allegiance to Dave a lonnnng time ago.
  8. 1% Team Rickon
    Pour one out for bb boy 🍻. If only the Stark motto was "ZIG ZAG YOUR FUCKING ASS" instead of "Winter is Coming."
  9. 100% Team Lyanna
    I am not joking when I say that she is my favorite character on the show at the moment. I don't care if the math doesn't add up.