Game of Thrones Teams I'm Currently On (S6 E4)

In preparation for the shit that will most likely hit the fan tomorrow.
  1. 80% Team Sansa
    It's surreal, but girl is just killin it so far this season and I like everyone she's with and I like everything she's doing. Which probably means she's gonna die.
  2. 10% Team Bran
    I am ON MY DAMN GUARD with this one because it's almost getting a little too Back-to-the-Future for my liking, but I'm digging the backstory we're getting and I'm ready for Bran to get back into the game. Am I the only one who kiiiiinda does not trust this raven guy tho? I'm getting some weird vibes from him...
  3. 2.5% Team Rickon
    Good lord someone help this child.
  4. 2.5% Team Tommen
    Good lord someone help this child.
  5. 1% Team Dany
    Look, I getttttttt that the whole Dothraki-fire-liberation-badass scene was coooool, but it was 👏lazy 👏as 👏fugggggg. But honestly at this point if it moves Dany's story forward faster, I'm on board.
  6. 1% Team Margaery
    She ain't drinkin your fuckin Kool-aid you old barefoot bitch.
  7. 1% Team Melisandre
    Because she's gonna need all the help she can get once Davos realizes she burned Shireen alive at the stake.
  8. 1% Team Allthedirewolves
    Ugh just get out of there you guys. Forget this human shit.