Game of Thrones Teams I'm Currently On (S7)

Y'all. It's been 385 days since the last Game of Thrones episode aired. And I have slogged through each second like it was the depths of acttttual hell. But we are about to be in. this. shit. once. more. In preparation for season 7 beginning on Sunday, here are the characters I am currently rooting for.
  1. 60% Team Tyrion
    Let's just get this one out there right off the bat. Raise your hand if you agree that Tyrion did not get enough screen time or major storylines last season. Everyone? Ok cool. It's time for ARGUABLY THE MAIN CHARACTER of the show to reclaim his position as top dog. I am ready for him to set foot on his homeland with a dragon queen by his side, and take back his life and his land and his dignity and a whole lotta other things in the most snarky way possible. Let's do this.
  2. 20% Team Daenerys
    I mean how can I not be? After 6 years, bb girl is finally posing a major threat to the GoT art department, who must now decide whether or not to include the entire continent of Essos in the opening credits even though FINALLY none of the story is happening there, and I am HERE FOR IT.
  3. 10% Team Sansa
    I am so. Worried. About. Sansa. You guys. She should sit this season out. She should honestly just take 5 this entire season. I have such a bad feeling David and DB are gonna fuck us. But I'm behind her all the way.
  4. 5% Team Bran
    If Bran can just make it the 2 miles or so he has left to Winterfell without causing a cataclysmic, world-altering event, I will be SHOCKED. Someone sedate this child.
  5. 3% Team Arya
    You've been on thin ice with me, morally speaking, since like season 4. You better. Be nice. To. Your siblings.
  6. 1% Team Jon
    I literally do not have space left in my brain for the level of angst Jon will achieve when he finds out what Bran has to tell him. But the guy's been through some shit, he's a born leader, and he's probably the best chance WE ALL HAVE against the ice zombie apocalypse. And so he has my allegiance.
  7. 1% Team Jaime
    I think we all know what needs to happen here James. Make it quick.