Never leave your house.
  1. Black Mamba
    How you die: venom leads to death in 45 minutes
  2. Box Jellyfish
    How you die: this asshole touches you, you experience excruciating pain, you die
  3. Poison Dart Frog
    How you die: possibly the most poisonous creature on the planet, you touch this asshole and your heart basically stops working
  4. Black Bear
    How you die: you find an innocent little cub walking by itself in the woods
  5. Deathstalker Scorpion
    How you die: you get stung and your lungs drown in your own fluid while you convulse in pain. Seriously what in the hellllllllll with scorpions, nature?
  6. Cone Snail
    How you die: you touch it and then you stop breathing because there is no anti-venom because you are in hell
  7. Stonefish
    How you die: one of its spikes gits ya. Also I read on the internet that this is described as the most painful experience you can possibly go through. Whattabitch.
  8. Great White Shark
    How you die: you do too good of a seal impression while surfing, he takes a nibble, realizes you taste like ACTUAL shit, and you bleed out because you have no friends to surf with you
  9. Boomslang
    How you die: their bite prevents blood clotting, so you bleed out of every. last. orifice. Side note: Guess who just realized that the boomslang was a real animal? This guy. And I've read Chamber of Secrets like 12 times.
  10. Hyena
    How you die: you develop a deep-seated resentment of your older, more popular sibling, kill said sibling with the help of your hyena allies, blame said sibling's death on said sibling's son, take over said sibling's kingdom, and then blame said hyenas when said sibling's son comes back years later for revenge. And then said hyenas eat you.
  11. Hippopotamus
    How you die: don't be fooled by the movie Tarzan. This plant eater will straight up maul/trample you if you bother it.
  12. Mosquito
    How you die: these dickwads do NOT wash their hands before they eat
  13. Swallow
    How you die: it looses it's grip on the coconut that it's carrying, just as you're walking beneath it