Inspired in part by @graceadilla 's really cool list about synesthesia. This one might be hit or miss, but I've always had a very particular way of picturing the year in my head, and I want to know if I'm the only one who does this.
  1. The way I picture the months of the year is 12 square white boxes laid out in two horizontal rows, 6 in each row, like an egg carton. January is in the top left corner, and January through June fill up the top row. Then July is in the bottom right, and it goes July-December along the bottom. So it kinda reads like a rectangular loop.
  2. And then if I concentrate I can kinda zoom in on particular months, and there's a line with notches in it for individual days, and I can see the vague positions of holidays, birthdays, etc.
  3. The only other person I know who pictures the year weird like this is my mom, except her's is like a bike trail, with hills and valleys where the months are and it's a lot more 3D than mine.
  4. So I'm interested to see if I'm crazy or not.
  5. My calendar is a huge circle that runs counter clockwise
    December and January straddle what would be 6 pm on an analog clock, so Jan 1 is slightly to the right of dead center at the bottom. My birthday (May 1) is vaguely between where the 2 and 3 are on a clock. If you're comparing it to a compass, the school year spans northwest to north east, but summer is a bit wider than just 90 degrees. Mixing metaphors here but I've never found someone who thinks about it like this. If you ask me to picture any date I could point to it on the circle.
    Suggested by @louisa_rd
  6. I see the name of the months all lined up horizontally and I see myself on it. What is weird is that when January comes in real life I feel like I jumped from the very end of the months in my head to the very beginning. Which means that when I don't realize that I'm already in January and it suddenly strikes me, I feel physically disoriented.
    Suggested by @solena