1. LinkedIn
    I don't need it
  2. Phone calls
    Don't need em
  3. The Hobbit movies
    Didn't need em
  4. Juliet haters
    I don't need it
  5. Freeform
    No one needs this
  6. People who talk during movies
    I do not require this
  7. Arya's entire current storyline on Game of Thrones
    I'm gonna take a bold move right now and say that I don't need this
  8. People who yell or try literally any sort of unwarranted confrontation in public
    There's a list of things I need and this ain't on it
  9. Shampoo
    50-60% of the time, don't need it
  10. Your judgmental look when I wrap a piece of ham around a piece of cheese and call it lunch
    I don't need it
  11. High school soccer about 40% of the time
    👏did 👏not 👏need 👏it
  12. When it rains and the creek near my house floods over the road so we have to get out of the car and walk up the actual mountain that we live on to get home
    This is 100% a first world problem that I 100% do not need
  13. The child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
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    I don't need it
  14. Batman vs Superman
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    I've tried and I've tried and I just don't need this one
  15. A job
    Ok this one I need.