This show has been popping up on here recently, so I thought I would contribute. I'm almost done with the first season.
  1. I want Coach Taylor to be my dad.
  2. I want Tami to be my mom.
  3. Saracen is a precious baby otter who is too pure for this drama. Go hug your grandmother.
  4. I hope Tyra goes to college and breaks OUTTA this town.
  5. It's probably gonna get worse for Riggins before it gets better.
  6. Smash needs to pick up a hobby that is not football.
  7. Julie has some valid points sometimes but other times Julie kinda sucks and is rude.
  8. Buddy sucks and does not deserve a second chance and probably peaked in high school.
  9. The kinda-racist coach is about 50/50 with me right now, but I appreciate that he is making the effort to do better.
    I can't find a picture of him because I can't remember his name
  10. Landry cracks me up, but I'm pretty sure the show is gonna put him through some shit pretty soon. He's too much of a comic relief right now.
  11. Jason is kinda annoying. Am I supposed to be really rooting for Jason? I guess he's ok.
  12. Lyla. Honey. I don't WANT to dislike you because I feel like it's cliche to make the popular pretty girl kinda dislikable, and I don't think you get enough good lines, but BABE. You're kinda the worst. Work on your crying face.
  13. This town cares way too much about football.
  14. In the words of @marymurphy, everyone in this town needs to be smacked in the face and then hugged and then they all just need to go drink some water. Just go drink some water.