Put any of these in a box together and that's basically the show. In a box.
  1. LOST
    A wheelchair, a knife, and bag of heroin
  2. Game of Thrones
    A jug of wine, a small scroll, and like, an actual piece of poop
  3. Parks and Recreation
    A waffle, a Boy Scout merit badge, and some highlighters
  4. The Walking Dead
    A cowboy hat, a katana sword, and a tree branch
  5. Homeland
    Some pills, a surveillance camera, and a suicide vest
  6. The Office
    A stapler, some bubble wrap, and an oven mitt
  7. Shameless
    An empty beer bottle, a loaded pistol, and an eviction notice
  8. Sherlock
    A violin, a microscope, and a smartphone
  9. House of Cards
    A snow globe of the White House, a gallon of sweet tea, and then everything is kinda just floating in blood
  10. Teen Wolf
    Some wolf claws, a lacrosse ball, and the physical manifestation of the word "angst" sealed in a jar