Aka not real worries.
  1. The movie version of IT comes out in two months and I've been reading the book version for about six months and I'm only half way through. To be fair, the book is about 1500 pages long. But I think I'm eventually gonna have to make like a Game of Thrones fan circa 2016 and decide between the book or the movie for the ending.
  2. Now that I'm done with The Handmaid's Tale and Rick and Morty, I feel like I'm not using my Hulu account enough to justify whatever I'm paying for it. This Is Us is stupid.
  3. The cord that connects my phone to the tape in my car that lets me play music is starting to do that thing where it's getting frayed and the wires are coming out and it's like, ugh.
  4. It is absolutely incredible that I haven't gotten into even the smallest wreck after living in Atlanta for a year and a half and I just know it's coming. It's coming. Ugh I'm gonna have to ask someone for their insurance information. How do I even do that. What is that.
    Kay this is a real worry.
  5. My less than ideal sleep schedule probably has far reaching consequences and has most likely been causing a lot of the problems in my life that I have been clueless about or blamed on other things.
    Or maybe not, who knows. Not me.
  6. There's only six more episodes of Game of Thrones left this season, and although the premiere was beautiful and fantastic, if we're all being honest with ourselves in our hearts of hearts, literally like only two or three things happened. We need another wedding STAT.