*clears throat
  1. Juliet Burke is the best damn character on the ABC original sci-fi drama "Lost."
  2. First of all, she is competent as all hell.
    Juliet is a fertility doctor, but on SEVERAL occasions she has shown GREAT SKILL as a damn SURGEON. Also, she knows some form of martial arts, she's one of the best shots on the island, and she can speak Latin fluently.
  3. You thought I was done?
    She's also an auto mechanic.
  4. She's the only one who can rival Ben and maybe Sawyer in terms of being able to successfully lie your ass off.
  5. She's totally fine with the fact that Jack is just with her to get over Kate.
    And she has a rational conversation with Kate about it. While at the same time giving Jack an appendectomy in a tent on a DAMN BEACH.
  6. Girl ain't afraid to get a little dirty.
  7. She has been described as the strongest female character on the show, and was the only female in the cast to ever be nominated for an Emmy.
    Face it @brynelle, the critics are on my side.
  8. She will straight up murder you in cold blood if that's what needs to be done.
  9. But she also cares deeply for people in her inner circle.
  10. She called Sawyer and Sayid out on their bullshit when they tried to stop her from helping Claire.
  11. But she also had Sawyer's back when he had to assume the role of leader of the survivors.
  12. She's honestly the only character who went back and forth between siding with the survivors and siding with the Others and wasn't a total better-than-thou dick about it.
    Looking at you, Locke. Side-eyeing you, Jack.
  13. The season 5 finale.
    After engaging in a gun fight surrounding a pit where a nuclear reaction is taking place, Juliet accidentally gets sucked into said pit. Rather than drag her friends down with her, Juliet declares her love for Sawyer, lets go, and falls about 300 feet. Does she die? People, this is Juliet Burke. No, instead of dying, she picks up a rock and starts beating the NUCLEAR BOMB that started this whole mess, in hopes of sending her friends back to the future. She calls it a son of a bitch. It explodes.
  14. Still doesn't kill her.