Just Some Initial Thoughts on Riverdale

There's only been one episode and this show is already the best and worst thing I have ever seen.
  1. Archie does a pretty good job of covering up his New Zealand accent.
  2. Can you even imagine if the genders were switched with the whole Archie/teacher thing? Like. No.
  3. It was super weird that he kept calling her Geraldine.
  4. This show is Teen Wolf mixed with Scooby Doo.
  5. Was I SUPPOSED to be getting major twincest vibes from this girl and her brother, or have I been watching too much Game of Thrones?
  6. I'm probably #teamBetty if it comes to it.
  7. Don't really know what's going on here because they haven't given us much info, but I'm all for it. Also, did they name their band Josie and the Pussycats after the movie orrrr? Is this girl's name even Josie?
  8. 👏The 👏gay 👏best 👏friend 👏trope 👏is 👏tired.
    (But like I think they KNOW that and they're being IRONIC? WHAT DOES THIS SHOW WANT FROM ME?)
  9. Music was top notch. Not Teen Wolf level, mind you, but then again, what is?
  10. Archie is a ridiculously good looking kid whose main plot point in this episode is literally that he got even more good looking over the summer and everyone is obsessed with him. His primary struggle is deciding between two girls who are both really into him, and also whether or not to be a star football player or an incredible singer.
    So sure. Tell me more about his problems.
  11. I forgot Cole Sprouse was in this show until the end, even though he narrated the whole episode.
  12. It was really weird how half the town showed up to the crime scene to watch a body get dragged out of the water.
  13. The acting is honestly not that bad and the show just looks really good. Like, aesthetically speaking.
    lol I'm fuggin hooked.