Movie Clips I Could Watch a Million Times

This post contains clips from movies that are rated R for violence and language and stuff. You get it.
  1. O-Ren Ishii's council meeting from Kill Bill Vol. 1
    The Bride is awesome, but Lucy Liu honestly steals the first Kill Bill for me.
  2. The wave scene from The Impossible
    This is one of those movies where you kinda stare at it for a few seconds and then think HOW IN THE HELL DID THEY FILM THAT
  3. The card trick scene in The Brothers Bloom
    FUN FACT! Rachel Weisz actually learned how to do this card trick for real for this scene, and she had to practice every day for a month beforehand. ANOTHER FUN FACT! The song played in this scene and the Terminator 2 theme are my two favorite pieces of music composed for film EVERRRRR.
  4. Sam's speech in The Two Towers
  5. The breaking of the fellowship in The Fellowship of the Ring
    But also FRODO TEARS.
  6. The town battle scene in Hot Fuzz
    You guys. This movie. Is insane. And hilarious.
  7. The "Who Were We" scene from Holy Motors
    You guys. This movie. Is insane. And weird.
  8. The bathroom scene from Bridesmaids
  9. The bathroom scene from American Hustle
  10. The dance/chase scene in Silver Linings Playbook and
  11. The dance scene in Little Miss Sunshine
    Ugh Olive for prez.
  12. The Katayanagi Battle from Scott Pilgrim vs the World
    Who the hellllll are the Katayanagi Twins
  13. The airplane scene in The Incredibles
    Ugh Helen is such a MOM IN THIS SCENE IT KILLS ME
  14. The "Deliver Us" scene from The Prince of Egypt
    Let he among you who hasn't YouTubed this song at 1:30 in the morning cast the first stone.
  15. The "Let My People Go" scene from The Prince of Egypt
    Lesbi honest.
  16. The final fight in Warrior
  17. The fire breath scene in Godzilla
    I shat my pants from excitement in the theater.