1. 99% of the time I like to think that I have the regular, flat American accent, but sometimes I get a little southern twang going because I've lived in Georgia my whole life. But that's only on special occasions or when I'm trying to blend in with North Georgia natives. I also say "y'all" a lot.
  2. I have a slight redneck accent, having grown up in western Pennsylvania. But I went to school in New England, and I kind of dropped it. But then I moved to Florida & picked up a full-on southern accent. So I have like three different accents, which I slip in and out throughout the day.
    Suggested by @biz
  3. I'm from Arizona so my accent is pretty boring... But my earth mom is from Michigan and my grandma is from Georgia so I kind of blend the two. I also say "y'all" often but what is really bad is that if I talk to someone from those places I get on a role and can't stop!
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  4. Im from boston but grew up in ct. My voice changes depending on who im talking to, but when i get emotional i slip into a slightly boston tone
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  5. I am the embodiment of the stereotypical Minnesotan accent.
    Beg-al (bagel)
    Suggested by @lesleyann
  6. I have a Minnesotan accent so lots of long O's. But then I'll say y'all and say certain words oddly, like tomorrow or how are you. I have an odd mix, because of Summer's spent with people from all over, college in Chicago, and then grad school in Indy with people with southern Indiana accents
    Suggested by @evak
  7. Sometimes I say you guyzes. Sometimes I say yall. ✌️🌚✌️
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  8. I was just thinking about this. Despite living in the Deep South my whole life, I've lost most of my southern accent. It comes out when I'm excited, but most people have a hard time believing I'm southern.
    Most days I'm glad, some days I wish I'd retained more of it. But you gotta admit most folks deduct more IQ points the stronger your southern accent seems. (Sad, but true)
    Suggested by @jhope71
  9. I'm a typical American speaker with hardly more than a hint of a southern drawl. The Deep South drawl, not the Carolina drawl. And when I hang out with certain friends or speak to my (deaf) grandmother, it gets loud and unintelligible.
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  10. I'm British. (I'm not) Come at me, @lesleyann.
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    Apparently we are wanted for TV news because of this, so please send me a dm if interested in my skill set
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  12. If I speak in English, I have quite the French accent. In French, I'm from one of the parts of France where people don't have too much of an accent. But I take accents in a second. If I'm with someone from the north, I'm gonna speak really funny within 5 minutes.
    Suggested by @solena
  13. I like to think I have the accent of a spy. Is it American? Is it from somewhere smack in the middle of the Atlantic? Did she just say bollocks? Why does she pronounce the h in herb? Why does she say dude so much? A few key elements of the California via London via Long Island via France accent.
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  14. CA, which I've been told people can hear, but then they qualify with "but not like the valley girl accent." So, what is a CA accent? I also have the annoying tendency to pick up the accent of whomever I happen to be talking to at the moment...
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