From the official Wikipedia page: "A breakout character is a character in serial fiction who becomes a more prominent, popular, discussed, and/or imitated individual." Let's hear it for the guys who weren't really the main characters, but still became irreplaceable parts of the shows they were on.
  1. Ben Linus, Lost
    Evil Ben came out of nowhere and then became one of the weirdest anti-heroes on the show.
  2. Brienne, Game of Thrones
    Honorable badass
  3. Stewie, Family Guy
    "Mom. Mom. Mommy. Mama. Mom. Lois."
  4. Roger, American Dad
    "Cocaine is not a joking matter."
  5. Andy, Parks and Recreation
    Ohhhhhh pre-mega-fame Chris Pratt
  6. Tina, Bob's Burgers
    That time she dated a ghost in a shoebox really sealed the deal for me.
  7. Kate McKinnon, Saturday Night Live
    "I'm Martha F*cking Stewart, I can do whatever I want."
  8. Aidy Bryant, Saturday Night Live
    She's as Morgan as she can be right now.
  9. Carol, The Walking Dead
    From victim of domestic violence to slightly sociopathic badass vigilante, Carol has been through some shit.
  10. Erin, The Office
    Not necessarily my favorite character on the show bc I haaaaated her and Andy, but I love how she evolved from a replacement receptionist into this:
  11. Toph, Avatar: The Last Airbender
    Absolute, undeniable, blind badass. And she's like 12.
  12. Macey Hensley, The Ellen Degeneres Show
    I know this probably doesn't count because she is a real person, but #bless this child.