Feel free to steal them. They definitely work.
  1. "I have double jointed thumbs"
    This one has a life of about three seconds max and can lead to varying results
  2. "I have six brothers and sisters"
    Depending on how many siblings the person I'm talking to has, this one can lead to a reaction somewhere between "mildly impressed" and "who the hell even invited you"
  3. The one joke that I know
    I'm not gonna give this one away, but the punchline is "it was a shih tzu"
  4. "I know how to conjugate some verbs in Latin"
    This one slays, 10/10 recommend
  5. Extensive Game of Thrones knowledge and opinions
    Be very. careful. with this one. It has the power to form lasting friendships and create great conversation, or to label you as "that guy who wants to talk about Game of Thrones too much oh my gosh he's coming over here quick start talking to me about literally anything"
  6. "My mom once got bit by an orangutan with no arms"
    I've actually never used this one. It's 100% true though.
  7. This dance that I do where I kind of roll my shoulders and point at things
    This one doesn't work.