This is less of a list and more of a modern art piece. You probably don't "get" it.
  1. Harry Potter
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    Seeing an alternate dimension
  2. Mulan
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  3. Harry Potter again
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    Seeing someone else
  4. Norman Osborn
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    Going crazy
  5. Harry Osborn
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    Going crazy
  6. Frodo Baggins
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    Seeing the future ft. Ya Girl Galadriel
  7. Smeagol
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    Plotting murder ft. Gollum
  8. Evil Queen
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    Plotting murder ft. The Actual Mirror
  9. The new muppet from the muppet movie. Wilbur? Waldo? Dexter?
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    Singing ft. Jim Parsons
  10. Neo
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    Leaving the matrix ft. Confusion
  11. Spiderman
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    Being emotional
  12. Jessie
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    Singing/crying/reminiscing about how futile and finite life is