Reasons Why "The Incredibles" Is the Most Intense Movie Ever

"The Incredibles" is a beloved Disney/Pixar film about a suburban family of superheroes that has to hide their abilities because superheroes have been outlawed by society. It's hilarious and full of heart. Oh and it contains more gruesome deaths and traumatic themes than the average Godfather movie. Let's explore that last point
  1. This movie begins with someone trying to commit suicide.
    A man jumps off a building and Mr. Incredible saves his life, but then the man sues Mr. Incredible because he wanted to die.
  2. Directly after that, a bad guy attaches a bomb to a kid, fully intending for it to blow up and spray the kid's guts onto the street below.
    The kid gets saved, but like, good lord.
  3. Skip forward 15 years. Retired superheroes are going missing left and right. Later on in the movie, Mr. Incredible finds out that all of them, many of whom are his close friends, have been murdered.
  4. There's also a fun little montage of superheroes in the past legit dying because their capes get caught on things at the wrong moment. We are supposed to laugh at this merry-go-round of slaughter.
  5. Stuff happens, and Mr. Incredible ends up going to this tropical island in an attempt to relive his glory days as a superhero. He lies about this to his wife, Elastigirl. Elastigirl thinks he's having an affair. And in an emotional sense, he kinda is. In a damn Pixar movie.
  6. Mr. Incredible gets into some heavy shit that he is not prepared for on this island, and after a series of events, he ends up escaping from the bad guy. By hiding under the bones of one of his dead superhero friends.
  7. Elastigirl goes to said island to confront Mr. Incredible. Their two children also tag along. Fine, whatever, good family fun and hijinks. Until the bad guy shoots a couple guided missiles directly at their jet, knowing full well that there are children on board.
    The plane explodes, but Helen and the kids escape just in time when she SHIELDS THEM FROM THE FIERY INFERNO WITH HER BODY. Mr. Incredible believes his entire family is dead, and he breaks down and then tries to kill someone. The bad guy mocks him.
  8. Helen and kids sneak onto the island. They take shelter in a cave, and Helen then gives her kids a FIRM dose of reality and tells them in no uncertain terms that the bad guy and his henchmen will absolutely kill them if they get the chance, even though they're kids.
    She then tells them to use their own special powers to prevent that from happening...
  9. ...Which they do. You see this guy? He's like, maybe 11 during the events of this movie, and he directly causes the death of like, 5 or 6 henchmen with names and families. He probably unintentionally murders more people during this movie than the rest of his family combined. Hope the government provides therapy in addition to relocation services.
  10. Skip to the end, the bad guy first tries to STEAL A BABY, accidentally drops said baby 500 feet in the air, and then dies when his cape gets caught in a jet turbine and we can only assume he is chopped to bits before vaporizing in the ensuing jet explosion. All of which happens in the air over a highly populated suburban neighborhood.
    You guys seen Breaking Bad? Yeah.
  11. You guys.
  12. I love this movie so much.
  13. But this shit is not PG.
  14. Also a baby spontaneously combusts during this movie, and it's actually a good thing.