I think it's about time we all got together and laid down a few solid tracks. For reference: http://youtu.be/_Tf_smu76T0
  1. Lead Guitar
    @xtineengels, @mackenzieo, and @lesleyann. Just remember guys. Power stance.
  2. Drums
    @k8mcgarry, @dustinboone, and @biz. Practice your stick twirls.
  3. Bass
    @clairewentthere, @alligeeshow, and @Fitz. Y'all are my backbone. Keep that beat goin strong.
  4. Keyboard
    @dfly, @marymurphy, and @lesbian. You ARE cool enough!
  5. Backup Singers
  6. Security Detail
    @emilyannlosey, @tmarchewski, @graceadilla, and @heykaykay. Soundproofing is the #1 priority. You also have the option to move to the backup singer team if you prove yourself via a spontaneous and powerful solo.
  7. Roadies
    @bjnovak, @Nicholas, @sarahgorman, and @gwcoffey. Without a first rate roadie crew, we cannot have a psychedelic show. And I can't have that. Get on it. Go.
  8. Band Manager
    @michael_circa91. You gotta make sure everyone is DOIN their JOB.
  9. Band's Stylists
    @mindy, @AbbiJacobson, @aidybryant, @JennaFischer, and @Ders808. We need some professional help.
  10. Lead Vocals and Shredddddding Guitar
    @katiemurphy. We roll tonight. To the guitar bite.
  11. Groupies
    It's just me. I am the only groupie. I get to name the band. The band's name is The (List)en Up Punks, and we have T-shirts in assorted colors.