This show is the Godfather of hilarious moments that are supposed to be dramatic.
  1. The Dread Doctors
    Barely laughable, mostly boring. #NEXXXT. Great coats tho.
  2. La Bete
    Not really that laughable, mostly because it is YET ANOTHER Teen Wolf villain scenario where we have to wonder which innocent townsperson is the actual bad guy for the entire season. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Scott's long lost evil twin at this point.
  3. The Nogitsune
    The WW2 backstory is kinda laughable, but the actual villain is kinda terrifying. Dare we say #bestteenwolfvillain?
  4. Gerard Argent
    Kinda laughable now that he's leaking black stuff, but Gerard just kinda sucks across the board, so he's mostly lame.
  5. The Berserkers
    Laughable because I literally do not understand what they are or why they were on the show. They're ancient European but they're also from Mexico or something? Over it.
  6. Deucalion
    Pretty laughable when you think about the fact that the makeup guys probably had to make a last-minute run to CVS for MORE charcoal black Maybelline foundation to create his ridiculously over the top wolf form.
  7. Kali
    Kali finally answers the timeless question of what happens to werewolves' feet when they transform, and all in all it's pretty damn laughable.
  8. Meredith Walker
    Laughable because Meredith literally has like, no idea what she's even doing here. Season 4 was honestly just one laugh track after another for me.
  9. Theo's Chimera Pack
    Absolutely. No. Chill. Pretty laughable because they are literally regular teenagers who are now totally okay with murdering everyone and somehow none of them have parents and this is basically par for the course for this show.
  10. Simon
    Not so laughable himself, but he did give us one of the most laughable TW episodes to date, in which the school gets put under quarantine during the PSATs and somehow it does not make the national news and no parents are called.
  11. Deputy Haigh
    Laughable because we knew him for about three seconds before he was trying to burn Parrish alive because someone on the internet told him to. #season4probs
  12. The Darach
    The scenes with Styles and Derek and the Darach are pretty hilarious.
  13. Ethan and Aiden
    Laughable when you think too hard about the logistics of them molding together to become a super-transformer-werewolf.
  14. Kate Argent
    Laughable because I'm pretty sure Kate wants to both kill and have sex with every single character on the show. PICK ONE OR THE OTHER KATE. Also, she's like a were-jaguar but she's purple? I'M OVER IT.
  15. Belasko
    Laughable because you think he's gonna be one of the big season 5 villains in the first episode and then Scott is like listen bitch.
  16. The Orphans
    Laughable once again because they are teenagers who are also assassins, and also I laughed when they died.
  17. Matt Daehler
    Ohhhh Matt. Your entire revenge plot line against the swim team was absolutely ridiculous. I rag on season 4 a lot but season 2 honestly just does not get enough credit for how laughable it really was.
  18. Theo
    Laughable because I laugh when I think about Malia eventually ripping his throat out and neutering him.
  19. Peter Hale
    Laughable because his one-liners are actually kinda funny, and also Peter is ridiculous.
  20. Scott as a Berserker
    Oh man. Laughable because he was clearly two feet shorter than the other berserkers, but everyone still had to act like they didn't know it was him.
  21. Jackson Whittemore
    Jackson Jackson Jackson. You beautiful, psychotic, tropical fish. You perfect snowflake. You and your gloriously melodramatic problems are the most laughable thing about Teen Wolf. I love you and I miss you, you laughable, insane starfish.
  22. Bonus:
  23. Whatever health inspector concluded that both the hospital and the school are still safe to inhabit after they have collectively been the scene of more murders and property damage than WW2-era Europe.
    The real villain here.