...that I have seen
  1. The haunted mansion one where they learned about sound and music
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    Yes please
  2. The one where they shrunk down and built bridges in Wanda's bathroom
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    Whyyyyyy was there an alligator in the toilet?
  3. The one where Phoebe turned into a plant
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  4. The one where they had to power the rides at the fair using air/water/solar power
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    Sweet cameo from Carlos's wheelchair brother
  5. The one where they somehow got into a pinball machine that shot beams of color
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    I didn't understand this one but it was awesome
  6. The one where they went inside Arnold
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    But only because of the Arnold/Wanda romantic undertones
  7. The one where they went inside Ralphie
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    Beginning to detect a pattern here
  8. The one where they all became bats and thought Ms. Frizzle was an evil vampire
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    Sweet cameo from all the kids' parents/grandparents
  9. The one where they ended up playing baseball on a book
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    0% friction, 100% awesome
  10. The one where they lost Ms. Frizzle in space and also Arnold's awful cousin was there
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    Number 1 in the series, number 1 in our hearts
  11. The one with the bees
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    Because it's literally the only one about Tim. Poor Tim.