You're never going to hold Asia Karen
  1. Australia
    You get that little purple island and you are set with a secure home base and non stop cash money for life
  2. South America
    For those who aren't blessed with good starting cards but know enough to stock up in Brazil and Venezuela
  3. Africa
    Alright this ones getting trickier to hold on to, but you might pull it off if you distract your fellow players by turning them against each other in a Game of Thrones-like brother-against-brother feud
  4. North America
    Again, tough to hold especially because of the secret Alaska/Siberia portal, but distraction is key. Turn your opponents against each other while you gather your forces in Canada like a great ice snake
  5. Europe
    Weirdly hard to hold onto, I've tried it several times, you're probably going to lose
  6. Asia
    Okay you just died